After reading Tara Sutherland's blog and her Bucket List I was inspired to do my own.  So here it is.....

  1. go on safari in Africa
  2. go to Siberia and visit lake Baikal
  3. buy a piece of Louis Vuitton luggage
  4. own a boat
  5. learn Spanish
  6. get a tattoo which covers my back and shoulders
  7. go skinny dipping

  8. be so scared my knees have knocked
  9. own a BMW
  10. start my own business
  11. learn to fly an aeroplane
  12. have my fortune told
  13. have a photographic exhibition
  14. live in an apartment
  15. cruise the Caribbean
  16. complete the Tongariro Crossing
  17. visit Egypt
  18. buy and live in my own home
  19. cure a ham from scratch
  20. write and publish a novel
  21. host my own podcast which is listened to regularly by over 100 people