Blog June - 1 June - Into every life a little rain must fall

Ok, so I am running behind on this blogjune thing, so I am in catch up.  I started this on the 1st June 2013, but have not got around to posting.  Went through a period of "oh I won't do it" and apparently have come out the other side on June 4th.  So, with that in mind, here we go in catch up. Well fuck me how did we get  to 1 June?.  Half way through 2013 already and it has been quite a year and not in ways I expected.  There you go though, life is not a predictable march from cradle to the grave and I think that is ultimately good.

My aim for this month of daily blogs is to cover my likes and dislikes and I think I will revisit the last blogjune I took part in and see if my tastes have changed in any way shape form or fashion.  Stay tuned listeners and if you want to read something more inspiring, I suggest you go visit Library Kris who started of blogjune in great fashion.