A chess game with Amanda Palmer

Last evening I interviewed Amanda Palmer for my In My Chair podcast. This interview took place over the unlikely theme of a game of chess.  We are both very novice players, she is better though as the result of the game displayed. Life can be full of wonderful surprises and moments and last evening was one of those for me.  Amanda gave freely of her time to record the podcast, which came after recording an interview for TV media.  We spent around 1 1/2 hours together chatting and playing chess. On my second meeting with Amanda I was struck once again by how generous she can be with her time.   Time that is limited by the fact that she is so busy.  A schedule and career that leaves her I suspect with not a lot of "me time". Not that she complains about this in any visible way, but rather thrives for the most part on the energy, interaction and companionship.  She admits in the interview, that being alone is one of her greatest fears.

Amanda can be a polarising figure for some.  Challenging us to think about our lives and constructs.  She is in my books, a true artist and performer who lives a life that creates and provides pleasure to many in a way that is by its nature brave and confronting.  She gives of herself to create what we enjoy.  This is of course not a one sided deal.  Amanda does this for herself as much as anyone else and that is good.  She is driven to create and do things.  To bring people together and "make shit happen".  That makes her happy and I would argue despite the times when it does not quite work for some, that we are better for it.

I have always been struck by how gentle she is with her fans.  From the first time I saw her live and asked her to sign a book, to the time she spent in Auckland Libraries with 300 people watching in adoration.

At the end of the interview Amanda and I crack out a completely unrehearsed duet of Creep by Radiohead.  To say that made my night, would be an understatement.  Wow what an honour to sing with someone so good.

The interview can be found on my site at http://corinhaines.podbean.com