Endings and beginnings.

It's a strange mix of emotions this morning as I prepare to leave Rotterdam for my holiday in Europe. The sense of relief, relaxation and adventure, is tempered with the knowledge that my time as a member of cohort one in INELI is over. The experience of being chosen to be a part of this group and the things we have shared over the past two years is difficult to put into words. I have formed bonds and friendships with people that have touched me, changed the way I view the world, and have left me richer for knowing them. Everyone who I have interacted with has influenced me in some way. There are some special people too. You know who you are. I respect you, adore you and appreciate you. When I look at you I see friends. That makes me happy. We will always be INELI Cohort One in fact, that will always remain with us.

And so now, looking forward. Today I travel to Brugge for the first part of my holiday. I am excited and nervous. Let the holiday fun begin!!!