Blog June - 1st

So I am doing Blog June as a way of getting myself writing again.  It's been a while with other things really dominating my life of late.  Relationship changes, moves of city, new job etc etc etc.    I do like to write, so find it frustrating when I loose my mojo and somewhat demotivating when I post something and realise no one is really reading anyway.  So this month, I am writing for me.

I am having to reevaluate the things that have dominated my thinking over the past few years about what is important.  Major change does that I guess and we are all visited by it at certain times in our lives.  If we never do, I suspect life can be a bit of a sidewalk to the grave.  Also, we never improve if we don't examine who we are.  Even though that can be painful at times, I would rather do it than not, despite the consequences or outcomes.

In some ways I am feeling more grounded now than I have ever have.  Why is that? Is it age?  Is it the fact that I have moved myself, alone, to another city and am getting more me time?  Whatever it is, I am enjoying this time even though it is at once frightening and sometimes lonely.   Lonely can be good though.  Lonely means I have more time to play my uke and get better at an instrument.  Lonely, means I have more time to think about who I am.  Lonely, means that I am challenged to examine what it is that I enjoy and find those things, wherever they are.

I don't watch broadcast television, which means, living on my own, I don't turn that on to create noise and some company.  In fact, most of the time, my apartment is quiet with just the sound of me on the keyboard or ukulele, a miaowing cat and the occasional creak of a floorboard.  When I do have other noise it's some music or National Radio playing.  I do love the rich sound of the interviews and discussion and this is something I aspire to with my own podcasts.    I enjoy a life without television adverts and indeed Paul Henry.

Music dominates my life and always has.  I am finding being in a new city without a band challenging.  The camaraderie, the performance, the sounds you make together all go to making a brilliant experience.   The Comfy Chairs were a brilliant experience and I could not have hoped for a better foray into the world of being in a band.  I am rediscovering old music too through my CD collection and the blessing of Spotify and being able to revisit old albums which I have on vinyl but do not play.  The Jazz Butcher, David Sylvian, The Mockers, Tanita Tikaram, Bauhaus, Echo and the Bunnymen to name but a few.

So, enough rambling, let's wait and see where this month goes.....