Blog June - 2nd

I'm sitting in bed, with two cats snuggled up beside me.  Apparently they can think of no better place to be than as close to my heat as possible.   They are both purring so, I am surrounded by a slow rumble.  I'm sitting in bed, in the dark, looking out over the city and its lovely at this time of night.  I'm going to find it very hard not to have this view one day.

Today was a very lazy day.  It began with some amazing Bircher Muesli that I made.  I'm trying to get back into the habit of making stuff for myself.  I'd never made Bircher before but I will again.  I also need to start my Sourdough again, at some point make cheese and I want to try proper home brewing.  I have thing about stuff you ferment yourself.  Oh and yesterday I made yummy vegetable soup for dinner.  I'm all about making good food.

I also tried to make biscuits today which was a disaster.  The apartment has a very odd oven which has a top element only and it seems to burn things.  I am still working out how it works.  10 mins into the 20 min cooking I had burnt biscuits.....  That one is going to take some work.