Blog June - 3rd

An interesting chat and beer tonight with a friend from Auckland who was down overnight.  David is a creative and he certainly talks some interesting stuff.  It was refreshing to spend some time with someone like that who I know, but don't really know.  To learn a little more about him and to just have some damn fun conversation.

Also today I found via Mashable this Spotify playlist, Summer Jams 1962-2014.  I had a lot of fun walking to work listening to this.  Still quite a few years to go before I reach the end of it too. It has put me in mind of my July Blogging effort.  I am going to listen to the #1 on the NZ Charts from the first week of July for the past 31 years.  So day 1 will be the #1 from the first week of July 1983 and so on.  Now that should be an interesting little trip.