Blog June - 4th

Tonight, in a fit of danger seeking, I watched the video for Britney Spears classic song Baby One More Time.  I feel it is important to revisit such classics once in a while to remind oneself how good music can really be.  It surely is only once in a lifetime that someone comes along who leaves such a mark on popular music both in terms of vocal and lyric writing talent.  

The video of course is widely regarded as ground breaking on a number of levels, so I thought I would spend a few minutes reminding you all of this unique piece of art.  

The unique and unusual portrayal of a school girl, rebelling by dancing in the corridor is of course widely imitated.  The far too short shirt and white shirt tied at the front adding to Britney's rebellious image.  The obviously deliberate bad lip syncing only serving to remind us that Britney did not care about the establishment (which she clearly was trying to subvert).

The next scene in the video moves outside with Britney in white baggy pants and a pink crop top.  Britney here shows us she is down with the break dancing culture which was obviously such a key part of her youth.  Street battles, growing up on the hard side of the road, are all very evident in the world Britney is letting us see.  One can only assume she got a scholarship to attend the obviously slightly wealthy high school we now see her dancing in.

Cut to the basketball court.  We see Britney's rebel side again as she sits on the sign saying please keep clear in the bleachers.  Britney and her friends then dance as some kind of electrical storm goes on outside causing random flashes of light in the stadium.  The teacher arrives looking ever so cross, but cannot help but be won over by the dancing of Britney and her cool dancing friends.

Finally, we realise the whole thing was just a dream as Britney wakes up in class.  One can only what will happen next.....