Blog June - 6th

My Mother

My mother was born in 1930, which seems like a long time ago

My mother lost her father when she was 8, but never really talked of it

My mother lived with her Grandmother and Grandfather whom she loved very much

My mother remembered the start of the war, and its end, but never really talked of it

My mother fell in love and was married at 21 and was a wife for 55 years

My mother had 6 children, lived with not much and gave everything she had to her family

My mother was shy and would rather stay at home than go out

My mother liked to cater for, rather be catered too

My mother had a beautiful smile, but I don’t ever really remember her laughing

My mother was a wife

My mother loved music and would listen to my records while I was at school

My mother must have been lonely when the last of her children started school and spent more and more time away

My mother travelled the world by reading

My mother never went further than Australia

My mother discovered at 55 when she applied for her first passport, that her parents were not married 

My mother was livid when as a tempestuous teenager I reminded her of this when I was angry

My mother had 6 boys and insisted she never really wanted a girl

My mother had 6 boys and although she would not admit it, I think she wanted a girl

My mother had a heart attack at 60 and was never the same

My mother thought she had died and gone to heaven when she saw the priest beside her in the hospital

It might have been kinder if she had

My mother suffered 16 more years

My mother went unwillingly into a rest home and the last time I saw her alive was the day she went in

My mother died alone in the hospital, just after my father said, she had spoken clearly for the first time in years

I hope she wasn’t scared