I don't read nearly as much as I should.  Well when I say that I actually mean long form reading.  I read all day long of course and my evenings are spent reading mainly short form journalism online.  I have not had an aerial plugged in to my television for over 5 years now, so my evenings are filled with other things which serve to inform me and distract my mind after what is often a work day I'd rather see the back of.

When a good book grabs me I do read extendedly and I revel in it.  It's just that they don't come along all that often.  I collect far more books than I read and I adore having books around me, but finding the time and inclination for hours of reading is hard.  I tend to dip in and out.   The last book I really got in to and adored was H is for Hawk and my author crush on Helen Macdonald is still strong.  I read the book over a week and spent every evening consuming the chapters hungrily.  Slaughterhouse 5 was another that gripped me.  When will the next one of those come along I wonder?

Today I ended up conversing with an old friend about their writing and the offer of a book contract they had received.  This reminded me of a half formed essay I need to return to.  Good readers make good writers.  It's time for me to start reading a good book again.