Morrison, Colorado and the Blue Cow Cafe

I cooked an Asian style poached chicken for dinner. It was the first time in ages that I had had poached chicken and indeed the first time I have ever cooked it. My mother poached chicken often when I was young, but just a standard boil in the water approach. This set me thinking to food experiences that I have enjoyed and I could not go past my recent love of breakfast burritos while I was in the U.S. One particularly memorable breakfast, was in Morrison, Colorado at a place called the Blue Cow. Morrison is just beside the famous outdoor music venue called Red Rocks, and so the Blue Cow had quite a list of famous people who had dined there. Anyway, their breakfast burrito was pretty damn fine and the green chilli they served it with was absolutely beautiful. I actually developed a far greater tolerance for chilli while I was away and have begun to enjoy the mix of heat and flavour, So, if you are ever in Colorado and near Denver, pop to Morrison and try the burrito at the Blue Cow cafe! So worth it.