Blogging every day of June - Blog 1

Ok, so first you should know I am a bit of a crap writer when it comes to commitments like regular blogging. So there is challenge #1, can I actually do this? Second you should know I generally find myself boring, and so loose interest when I start to write. Do you know how many novels I have started? So, with all that in mind, follow this blog at your peril, it may be full of disappointment. This may indeed, be the only post I make! Right now that I have that off my chest, welcome :-) Who am I? Just a little old Manager Digital Services in a small library somewhere. Nothing to see here honest..... I spend a lot of my time online, and a lot of time thinking about how great libraries could be online. I am active on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and another couple of places I wont mention. I have recently started thinking about the richness of the content that many of us who live a lot of our lives online are creating, and what we can do globally to benefit from this.

When I am not lurking online, I do a variety of things, which generally revolve around my need to create and my tendancy to live in fads. I am a sometime Sourdough maker. A recently stalled cheesemaker. I am trying to learn to draw and am taking Life Drawing classes. I have 4 tattoos and am trying to design a 5th (good drawing practice you see). Oh I take a lot of photos too and am currently doing my second round of the Flickr 365 Challenge where you take a self portrait every day for a year :-)

That will do for now. If you would like to follow me online, here are the links