Blogging every day of June - Blog 3

I visited Wellington today for the day. Visits to Wellington are always fun and usually get me thinking about something. Today on the way back out to the airport, I was chatting with the taxi driver and recounting my blog rant about the Rugby World Cup. We went from the World Cup to the General Election and shared our views on the futility of it this time round. So, in that light, here are my views on that little gem. Firstly, let me declare my colours. I am firmly Red, have always been and will always been. I can remember my father cursing at the result of the 1978 General Election when Rob Muldoon got back in. It was not a good night in our household. Actually, we were at the movies that night watching Greece. At the end of the movie, they put the result up on the screen. Can you imagine that happening now? Anyway I digress....

It saddens me that Labour are not a credible opposition at the moment and Phil Goff is certainly not going to lead the Labour party to victory. This of course means that by default National will get reelected and quite frankly that does not fill my heart with joy. Now I am not completely blind. I will concede that National have been very effective at maintaining their current lead in the polls and John Key has been a brilliant poster boy for them in making this happen. However, this government is starting to do enough to cause voters to look elsewhere. But there really is nowhere else to look. For National to loose the election from here, would require a cock up of monumental proportions.

So, now that I have thrown away this election, I have to start thinking about the next one, and quite frankly Labour need to do some rebuilding and bloody quick. Auntie Helen needs to take some of the responsibility for the current state of Labour leadership. While she formed a very effective team with Michael Cullen, her dominance was such, that she never developed the new leadership during her 3 terms as Prime Minister. She did not have a succession plan and if she did, it certainly is not evident. I fear, if there was hope for Labour in its current vestige, Shane Jones and Darren Hughes managed to scuttle it themselves with a combination of miscalculation and chronic stupidity. Labour need to get a leadership that is enigmatic. A Leadership that is convincing. Leadership that will help people to believe once again that Labour can provide this country with sound answers to its issues. Answers that are based on collective responsibility, social awareness and a heart.

Here ends the lesson