Blogging every day of June - Blog 6 - 12 songs that changed my life

Something a bit lighter today. This list is based on a CD I did for a good friend a year or so back. So here we have the 12 songs that changed my life in one way or another during my teenage years. These are the seminal songs, that turned me onto music. They made it a huge part of my life and continue to influence me every day. What are your 12 songs? 1) The Reflex - Duran Duran

2) Visions of China - Japan

3) Numbers - Soft Cell

4) Enola Gay - OMD

5) Natural - Howard Jones

6) People are People - Depeche Mode

7) This Charming Man - The Smiths

8) Of Lilies and Remains - Bauhaus

9) Leaves are Dancing - Eyeless in Gaza

10) Wolves of Worcestershire - The Dancing Did

11) The Love Cats - The Cure

12) Such a Shame - Talk Talk