Blogging every day of June - Blog 9 - 365Days

So I thought I would blog tonight about the 365Days Project on Flickr. I am currently on my second turn through this, having successfully completed it on 2008/09. So what is the 365Days Project? Well you take a self portrait of yourself every day for a whole year (365days). This can be a very confronting issue for many people, as so many of us hate to have our photo taken (luckily I am not one of those people). Also, when you are faced with taken a photo of yourself everyday, along the journey, you are faced with boredom, fits of creativity, time constraints and sometimes a deep desire to quit. However, speaking from personal experience, it is an amazing journey, changes how you look at yourself and teaches you a lot about who you are, how you are seen and you make some great acquaintances along the way. So, below are some of my favourite shots from the 400 odd shots I have taken over the two times I have been doing this.  Really there are too many to choose from and some less suitable for this blog ;-)


Transformer - This reminds me of the cover of the Lou Reed album Transformer


Lettuce Pray


Tootsie - Proof I make an ugly woman


In NYC at a Community Garden.  I Love New York!


Greenstone Necklace


A new shirt and Waistcoat


My homage to Manhood


My homage to the cover of A Hard Days Night


Rain Man