Blogging every day of June - Blog 19 - Aging

I was shaving last night, and remarking to myself about the amount of grey in my beard.  I don't shave clean, but rather trim down with a beard trimmer, to about 2 days growth.  Once I had finished shaving, and was looking at my stubble and the bits of grey in it, I was thinking about how I actually like the way I look these days and the effect of the gradual greying of me facial hair.  How I think I look better now than I did during my 20's and most of my 30's.  This got me thinking about aging in general. We take different paths in life and this is no different with aging.  I am still most intrigued when I meet people I knew years ago, and see how life has left its mark on them.  We all have run into the person who was so hot at 17, but at 35 or 40 is anything but.  I had the pleasure recently of running into a woman I went to school with who was a total babe at school, she looks quite different now, but has grown into a stunning mature woman.  This was actually amazing and lovely to see.

Personally, I have always appreciated the benefits that maturity and life brings.  At 28, I dated a 38 year old for around a year.  It was a great relationship for many reasons, but certainly for her, aging was something that was not a bad thing.  One of the reasons she was so attractive was she was a natural person, with a natural body which life was leaving its mark on and this made her more beautiful not less.

It is these things that come with age that I think we need to celebrate more. A décolletage with some age on it, the sun and life having left it's mark.  The hands that show the journey the body is on.  Lines on the face, each one telling a story and making the person more beautiful, the body more lived in.

I am thinking my next photographic project will be a Black and White celebration of aging.  I feel the more we can celebrate ourselves, our bodies and the beauty that living imparts on us all, the richer we are for it!