Blogging every day of June - Blog 15 - Food

So, I like food.  Which is probably a good thing in general, as it seems to be a necessary part of existence.  Especially if you plan on doing it for any length of time.  I have known people for whom food is merely fuel, but I am afraid to say, this will never be me. It will never be me as I enjoy food too much.  I enjoy the flavours, textures and general experience of eating good food.  Whether it be a amazing full on flavourful Indian Curry, or something so subtle in flavour like a piece of Sushi.  I love food as art and will happily pay a small fortune to eat food that has been lovingly crafted.  I am happy that I am paying for the art that is this food, and not the quantity of it.  This is something I definitely did not get from my father, who was convinced that a buffet was the best food experience you could have.

Yet, all this said, I do have a few lines I will not cross.  I refuse to eat offal, and I will not eat chicken feet.  Also, I really do not like the taste and smell of some seafood.  I am thinking particularly of mollusks.  I am not sure exactly why, and on many levels I wish I liked this sort of seafood.

Lastly, I get a great pleasure from making certain types of food.  For me it is about experiencing the process of making food.  I make cheese and sourdough bread.  Both are about harnessing natural processes to make something which is at once living and full of flavour.  Also, I like to make Jams and preserves.  For me it is about taking what is currently in season, and turning that into something that lasts and nourishes.  It is a connection to the hearth and home.