Blogging every day of June - Day 16 - Bodies and remains

I was not sure what to call tonight's post, as I could not think of the best description.  On the way home tonight Kat and I were talking about what we wanted to happen with our bodies when we die.  It's always a good conversation piece, that one!  We are at the convenient time in our lives, when we it all seems such a long time away.  As such, the conversation is more interesting than it is pertinent. I declared a few years back that firstly I did not want to be taken back to Christchurch.  This should be no surprise considering my Home post.  My life is here in Auckland, and if I was to go tomorrow, I would want my remains to be near this life and the people I hold dear.  Up until now, I have always said I want to buried whole and not cremated.  This is really a left over from my Catholic upbringing and that all my relatives have always been buried.  However, I do find I am starting to really not care that much, and would be quite happy to be cremated and then buried.  I think still buried rather than spread.

Kat actually does not care what happens to her, other than to allow her remains to go back to the earth.  Not surprising for her at all.  So as long as I do not put her in a cavity in a wall or in an above ground Mausoleum, she has promised not to come back and haunt me.

For me I do not have a sense of my body being linked to myself after death.  As I have already mentioned in my religion post, I do not see life continuing after death.  Therefore, for me, what happens to my body does not have a strong effect one me.  However, I do think, my remains should be close to those who love/loved me.  For me that is about completing the circle and providing solace to those left behind.

What are you plans for your body when you die?  Do you even care?  Is your sense of your being after death linked to your body?