Blogging every day of June - Blog 18 - What attracts you?

So what attracts you to someone?  Is it their mind.  Their smile?  Their sense of style?  Their face?  Are you a legs, breast, or bum person?  Attraction is an interesting topic and it is always fun talking to people and finding out who they find attractive and why. I am going to be honest and say that I myself find attraction in a combination of looks and personality.  I am first drawn to a person by something quirky in their look.  Something that makes them deeply attractive, but not in a conventional "beauty" sense.  I do like breasts and so that totally comes into the equation, don't stone me,  I am guy.

However, for the attraction to last, for it to be something other than fleeting lust, I need the person to have wit and a good intelligence.  I need to be able to talk with them about the world, about politics, the environment and for this conversation to be reasoned, well thought out and at times challenging.  I need to be able to laugh loudly, and for them to take the piss out of me and of situations.  If this last part is not there, it ain't gonna last long.

What are your attraction point or points?