Blogging every day of June - Blog 29 - Fads and things I love

So, a few days back I said I would cover fads and things I love in the coming days.  Well, I just realised of course, that back on day 1 of this epic journey of monthly blogging, I mentioned my tendency to go with fads.  As such, I don't know what else I should write here on that topic.  I tend to get very enthused about something and I tend to want to do things well and full on.  This can lead to a desire to buy the best tool to do the job with (why buy the $100 thing, when the $300 will make you do it better surely).  Also, it means I am all about something for a while, but then when my interest wains, or when something else comes along, it can be the end of that particular passion for me.  In truth, I think I took the same approach to relationships when I was younger.  Thankfully, I am past that time in my life.  It was tiring for me, and certainly not the best for those who I was in a relationship with. All this said, I look at every fad in my life as something which has left an imprint on me.  That has grown my knowledge and experience and made me a more rounded person and given me joy.  I know that at any moment, I can make some cheese, start a sourdough, preserve some fruit or make a jam etc.  When spending time with the children of friends I can take them on the journey of making bread from scratch.  They can see the flour, water and yeast come to life, work it with their hands and produce the wonderful warmth and flavour of their own home made bread.  Any fad in the world is worth that joy :-)

This flows nicely onto things I love I guess.  Because I do love that.  I love that almost primal hearth bound feeling of knowing you are in some way connecting not only with natures primary ingredients and creating something, but also with the many generations that have gone before us and relied on this stuff for not only their lives but often their livelihood.  On many levels the kitchen and concept of hearth is important to me.  A few years ago, when visiting Salem, Mass, the home of "witchcraft", we visited the House of the Seven Gables.  A truly magnificent house, I was also struck by the wonderful kitchen, placed in the centre of the house.  The place where food and warmth was created and where a lot of the "living" occurred.

I often find myself at an interesting tension though, because as those who know me well will attest, I am very technology focused.  This blog, stands as a testimony to to that I guess.  I adore shiny gadgets and I enjoy the difference they have made to our lives in terms of how we communicate with the world, interact with each other and gather information.  This is not very traditional but I love how we can bring these two worlds together.  How the internet and the "shiny gadgets" can be brought together to expose the wonderful things people still do and are discovering again.  You only have to look at the plethora of baking and gardening blogs that have sprung up over the past few years to see that in action.  Have a look at this site Desperate Anglo Housewives : Bordeaux for what I think is a good example.  Susie is a friend of mine, who I met many years ago and have only recently reconnected with.  She is from Auckland and now lives with her French husband in Bordeaux.

I love things that are not and indeed people who are not, quite ordinary.  Things with quirk, people who are not following the path but making their own path.  This world can be a trial at the best of times, and it can become an unforgiving march from cradle to the grave if we are not aware.  I like people who are determined to take chances and forge their existence.  Again, this is an interesting tension for me, because I can not claim to have always lived this.  Yet I hope I am brave and wise enough now to understand this and how I might continue to strive to be happy and fulfilled professionally and personally and not just settle for what seems easy.

I love Music.  Music gets a capital M :-)  Music left an indelible mark on me at around age 14 and I have never looked back.  Music gives me hope, inspires me, takes my breath away, makes me tearful, laugh out loud and desire to create.  Sometimes that is all in the same album.  I guess I should say, that when I say music I talk of both music and lyrics in some cases.  The amazing ability of some people to take the word and tune and create a masterpiece which brings your soul to a standstill.  When I listen to The Beatles back catalogue and marvel at their ability to write so many great songs.  Their ability to write so many complete albums and to create listening experiences which to this day, nearly 50 years later still leave me in wonder.   I often find myself sitting listening, smiling and thinking about what I would not give to write just one song as great as their worst.

Of course it does not stop with The Beatles.  The 80's were huge for me and so many bands from that era still bring me great joy.  The 70's, 90's and today....  I sound like a radio promo....

I, of course, am also a singer.  I have been a bit quiet of late, with work and a few things getting in the way, but this is about to change again.  Working with Nick on material is reminding me how much I am excited by the possibility of singing and performing. About how the experience of taking other peoples songs and delivering them and hopefully, eventually, in creating my own again brings me joy.  If you have not seen it, or heard me sing, check out this clip on YouTube

There are so many other things I love too, and I could go on and on.  I love living in Auckland right now.   It really is a stunning city in many ways, and we are blessed with our proximity to the water.  I love the fact that my life is filled with many creative people.  People who I might not always agree with or understand, but who inspire me, encourage me, make me laugh and remind me life is about more than the day to day.  And of course lastly, I love my partner Kat.  She gives me the room to be me and encourages me.  I may not always be good at showing her that, but hopefully she sees enough of it day to day.