Water Blasting - July 1

Today I had the day off, with the general purpose of water blasting the deck.  We have been in the house 5 years and have never done it before.  It would be fair to say the deck has been a bit slippery for a while.  We are preparing to put the house on the market, so a bit of tidying up to do. I had the pleasure of starting the day by spending some time with my nephew Liam.  He is a special little man and at 1 1/2 is starting to show some real character and intelligence.  We played at his house for a while, before I dropped him off at his carer.

Anyway, after that I hired the water blaster from Hire Pool, bought a new hose (the old one had perished) and some gumboots. I then spent a few hours water blasting the deck.  Man, what fun too.  It is great that you get to see immediately the effect it is having, as you watch the dirt and algae just wash away.  I have to say, it is quite addictive really.  The deck now looks amazing and I find myself wondering why we did not do it earlier.

This is something we find ourselves wondering a lot at the moment.  We just had the garden completely done and it now looks stunning.  Between this and the deck, we are looking at the place and remembering how lovely it is.  It is funny how you only do this stuff when you are about to sell...