Tonight's blog is brought to you by friendship. What a crazy thing it is.  It takes you by surprise when you least expect it.   You find yourself meeting people you never thought you would meet, going on "journeys" you never thought you would take, to places you could not predict.

Every person you count as a friend brings so much value into your life.  Not only by their interactions with you, but with the people they bring with them.  This, we often take for granted, and yet this is one of the greatest things in life.

Tonight I attended a gathering of people at the invitation of an ex colleague who I hope I can now count as a friend.  Some of the people there I knew, some I had never met, and yet I left at the end of the night remembering how neat it is to be alive, meet people, catch up with old friends and just be.

Now I am at home here online, some friends also out there on the interweb, all of them making my life so much more.

Thanks to you all.