A bold statement

Dear friends I wish to declare here today, in the light of the recent book banning spree across New Zealand bookstores, that I will NEVER buy another book from a bookstore in NZ. I will use my rights and opportunity to purchase online and overseas.

If anyone can point me at a bookstore that is stocking the book, let me know, I will still continue to use them.

This is in no way a move of support for Ian Wishart and Macsyna King, neither of whom I care for in truth. This is about a mob mentality which is all to prevalent in NZ at times and the willingness of our bookstores to cave to this. I appreciate that customers in retail are the bottom line, but I think there is something bigger here.

Choose to do what you will, but remember, that is day sets a precedent and harks NZ back to a time when we banned books that were not acceptable and burned Beatles records.....