Tonight I was doing my usual thing of Tweeting and Facebook status updating with a song lyric snippet.  This morning I was listening to Dr Hook on the way to work and so their lyrics were in my head.  One thing led to another and I recalled a moment in time, when I must have been only about 11 when I was walking to catch the bus after school.  This was a long walk, up a straight piece of road called Barbadoes Street.  I can clearly remember singing "Baby Makes Her Blue Jeans Talk" and feeling rather cool.  Now why the hell that moment has stuck with me, I will never know.  Other than a feeling of coolness and maybe a little bit naughty (I think I was hitting puberty and getting the message).  This got my mind thinking about other things, about pieces of time.  Stuff that maybe only I was there for, or maybe I only remember now.  I thought I would share some of these. I remember standing at the bus stop that I mentioned I was walking to above.  There was a tree that hung over the pavement and had crab apples on it.  I was picking the fallen fruit and throwing them at the bicycle wheels of push bikes going by.  Suddenly, there was an officer from the Ministry of Transport as they were then called.  He had seen me do this and pulled up on his motorbike.  I was given a stern talking to, he reflected on the fact that he school would not be impressed and he took my name.  I went to school the next day, terrified..... I never heard anything about it......

I remember sitting on the back seat of the bus with this girl who I really really liked.  She was a little different, a bit like me I guess.  I spent all the trip home plucking up the courage to ask her to the 6th form ball.  I was kinda smitten.   She said yes..... I was breathless....  I cannot even remember her name now, Anna or Anne Marie I think.  I would love to know where she is now.

Disappearing from the 6th form common room to smoke cigarettes with Colleen over at the Christchurch Polytechnic.  Sitting there for ages smoking Camels and talking about The Violent Femmes and other bands.  Again I was smitten.  Again it came to nothing. (there's a pattern here)

A camping trip to the Selwyn Huts with 4 mates.  3 had motorbikes.  We camped there with my parents big tent and a couple of small ones.  Girls came and joined us one night.  We rode around on the motorbikes, even though some of us did not have licences.  I managed to can off and hurt my leg.  I lied to my mother and told her I ripped it on some barbed wire...

So, just a few moments in time, all of which I had forgotten until tonight.  They are sweet to remember now with the passage of time and bring a smile to my face.

Think for just a minute.  What comes flooding back to you?