Review - Love Story by Florian Habicht

How do you describe a movie that takes you on a journey to one of the most amazing cities in the world, to follow an awkward but wonderfully endearing character in a movie about a man making a movie about seeing a beautiful Russian woman on the subway with a piece of cake? I am not sure you can, but what I do know is the experience of watching this delightful, endearing and inspiring piece of cinema leaves you smiling, feeling good and strangely full of hope.

Florian Habicht's film, made while in New York on the Harriet Friedlander Residency is a lovely piece which explores the building relationship between Florian (playing himself) and Masha a tall beautiful Russian girl. The twists and turns of the plot are directed by New Yorkers on the street, who Florian asks what should happen next in the movie he is making.

These street characters are so beautiful in themselves and the humanity they bring with them, that I found myself falling in love with each of them, as well as the central characters in the plot. To me this movie is a wonderful documentary of New York and the people who you meet around the town, a charming love story that does not confirm to a standard plot, and a celebration of diversity, creativity and quirkiness.

This movie IMHO, is a must see.