Sick (as a dog, woof woof)

Well this week has not been a great one for blogging.  I have been pretty sick with a cold and energy has been low.  I made it to work on Thursday and Friday, but by Friday my voice sounded like a cross between Tom Waits and Leonard Cohen.  Actually, if anything, it is probably perfect for a phone sex line.  Although, as one colleague informed me, not at all in keeping with my physical presence.  I think she meant I am so trim, that such a deep voice seemed wrong.  At least, I hope that is what she meant.... We have open homes this weekend as we run up to our Auction on Weds 3rd, so we are on the journey of living light so we don't make the house untidy and having to be out every afternoon.  The weather this weekend in Auckland is appalling and that is never great for open homes, so I am a bit concerned about that.  However, it is what it is, nothing we can do about that.

Grasshopper (one of our cats) has stopped eating and has gotten skinny all of a sudden.  So, that is a concern.  Terrible timing on his behalf, so this morning will be juggling getting the house sorted, taking him to the vet and baby sitting Liam.  We like a good challenge we do.

Speaking of Liam, my delight this week is that he has apparently been pulling my CD out of his mother's CD rack and saying my name!  He is such a good little 18 month old :-)

You can never have enough challenges right?  Well I think so!  So, I have decided I am going to do a Vlogging 365 challenge.  Yup, sorry everyone, I am going to do a short daily vlog.  This might be anything from me sitting talking, to out and about, but I like the idea of taking on the movie challenge too.  Besides, I have my Flip which I have had for a while now (got it brought in from the UK before they were available here) and I am yet to do anything useful with it.  So that starts today and will be available via this website and my Flickr stream.

Well I think that will do for today :-)  Or for this one at least.