Tiredness, dismay and a little bit of laughter

Well it is Saturday morning here and as I look out I see some cloud that looks suspiciously like it might be rain.  The sun is glinting through from some direction, but I suspect that might be the old weather.  If you see what I mean?  The usual Saturday morning drill with a trip off to see Mr Liam and babysit while his mum goes to the gym. I am feeling pretty tired at the end of this week.  It was certainly a busy one with plenty on the work front including flash points, long days, complicated communications to write and and some angst.  This was all nicely topped off by a weird dream about Chickens.  Enough said about that one I think.

I have so much positive going on in my life at the moment and I need to be focusing on this as much as possible. We have the sale of our house, which we give up in less than two weeks now.  We will be between homes for a month or so, but we have a lovely place we are going to buy and I feel very excited about being in there just as summer comes calling.  It will be a lovely summer, I can feel that already.  Also, as I mentioned on my Facebook a week or so back, I am a part of the International Network of Emerging Library Innovators.  Yesterday we got the first email through with information about our upcoming meeting in Wellington and the website we will be using to collaborate.  This gave me my first glimpse at my fellow INELI folk and what an exciting mix from across the globe it is.

However, I am feeling a little bit dismayed but the stuff I see going on around me in the world and in this fair country even.  I seeing that around 350 jobs are to be shed from the University of Canterbury.  Predictably this has caused sadness and anger amongst many down that way.  As a former employee of the University, I do feel an enormous amount of sadness for that place.  It has been through a lot in the last year, not only in earthquakes, but in the review of the Library and massive change in its structure.  At this point I have no view on the good or bad of the outcome of this, but it certainly is not the place it once was.  It has been over 10 years since I worked there, so a lot of water has flown under the bridge, but I guess it shows even Universities do not stand still....

Alan Hubbard has died overnight as the result of a car crash yesterday.  Regardless of wrongs or rights, I can't help but feel sorry for him and his wife.  What a sad end to a life which has seen them as multimillionaires with the regard of the community and at the helm of a company which was integral to the financial health of the country.

The Rugby World Cup starts this coming Friday and the nation is poised to be swept away by its fever.  Myself and some colleagues are going down to the waterfront on Friday to enjoy the opening celebrations etc.  It will be nice to soak up the atmosphere and excitement and watch the fireworks.  I don't really care for rugby that much however, so don't expect me to comment to much on its progress during the 6 weeks.  I will note though, I am not looking forward to the national mourning if we do not win.....

A friend of Kat's sister was in town this week.  She is Irish and I had met her once before.  It was nice to see her again after 5 years and chat.  We had a jolly good chat about comedy and things that made us laugh.  It was a nice night.  Check out the laughing German Shepard on YouTube.

Lastly, my musical rediscovery of this week is Sinead O'Connor's album "I do not want what I haven't got".  I really rate this album and I had forgotten how much I enjoy it.  I find it solid, moving and a great mix of ballad and some gutsy pop.  It is playing as I type.

Have a good weekend all :-)