The Chicken Dream

Ok, so the wonderful Susie from Desperate Anglo Housewives : Bordeaux has asked for more information about the 'Chicken Dream'.  Well, I will have to be a little circumspect, as it heavily relates to work, but here goes. So, I am sitting on some side seats with my boss, in a room full of people from the wider organisation in which I work.  We are being grilled on what we do and our core business etc.  Remember, I work in a library.  Someone from the floor pipes up in a very sarcastic tone and says, "I suppose you guys will want to move into Chicken Farming next".  I gave an angry retort about questions like that not being worth answering and then the meeting was abruptly called to an end.

In retrospect it really is quite funny, but I was fuming in my dream.  Lots of fodder in there about insecurities, lack of control and other gems of the dream world.