Steve Jobs

Well people everywhere are talking about the passing of Steve Jobs and saying their goodbyes.  I have been thinking about what  I wanted to say all day, and I am not sure I still know.  Did I know Steve Jobs?  No.  Would I even have liked Steve Jobs?  Who knows.  But, I can't help but feel a bit moved by the loss of someone who has made such an impact on the world in which we live in.  Who changed the way we interact with music, and created things we did not even know we wanted until we had them. So, whether you liked Apple or not.  Whether you felt that what they did was all hype, or genius.  I hope today, we can all just pause for a moment, think and smile to ourselves about how cool it is that Steve Jobs had the drive, talent and ambition to create what he did and leave such a wonderful legacy behind.

I still have a Mac Classic, and I think that got a little bit more special to me.