A week of it - Jobs, IT failure and coffee

Sunday morning, Voila, coffee and an almond croissant, after a 3.4km run, here we go again :-) Well it has been quite a week with the launch of the iPhone 4s and the passing of Steve Jobs. It must surely go down as one of the biggest weeks in Apple's history. Some have been a little underwhelmed by the iPhone 4s, expecting the "5" and a new body design. Yet, Apple (and particularly Jobs) are masters at making the market work for them, and I am pretty confident they know what they are doing with the launch. You would have to be naive not to think that the iPhone 5 already exists in some shape form or fashion, and it will only be a matter of time before we see the new body design and whatever other features it contains. For now, the 4S gives iPhone users a significant step up both in storage, speed and teamed with IOS5, will keep people satisfied for some time yet I expect.

How will Apple fear without Jobs? Well it would seem he has probably known his prognosis was not good for some time, and spent some time ensuring Apple would stay vibrant and interesting for many years to come. I watched a video of this "final public appearance" at the Cupertino Council meeting to seek approval for Apple's new campus. The building itself and surroundings are inspiring and amazing. The passion for design he brought to electronic products, clearly evident. I suspect he was ensuring Apple will stay vibrant and be remembered for many years to come.

I read an interesting post from someone this week, who was clearly exasperated by the mourning over Jobs. They were keen to point out that all he did was ask a group of talented people to create. But that's the point isn't it? Jobs had a passion for design and marketing, he had a vision for what he wanted and he brought together the right people to create this. That is what leadership is. That was his genius, that is his legacy.

On a personal IT note. My heart was in my mouth last night when my external drive failed to appear on my MAC. It is less than a year old and I bought it in the U.S. It finally did appear, with a warning from my iMac that I could no longer write to the drive, but could copy from it etc. This drive has a serious quantity of music on it and it reminded me how vulnerable we are to this sort of failure. As I am currently moving house, I have not paid any attention to backup. So off this morning I go to buy 2 x 2Tb drives.

Finally, yesterday we went into the Nespresso store in Newmarket. I love the look of these machines and have been intrigued by what they would taste like. My suspicion being that the coffee would be rubbish. However, no, it is mighty fine. If you have not tried them out, do. They have an amazing range of coffee available and the service and approach to raising awareness about the machines is great! I can see one of these coming into our new house soon.