Some things French - a la Julia

Well I sit here this morning at Voila, feeling slightly worse for wear, but still with the warm glow of a lovely night last night with friends and colleagues. We had been saying for some time that we needed to get together and eventually, our two resident Julia Child fans planned an evening with her recipes as the centre piece. It was planned months in advance, so were were not to know that we would be dining on French food and drinking French wine, on the the evening France were playing Wales in the Rugby World Cup semi final. Courses were assigned and Coq au Vin was my part in the fare. Something I had made before, but a long long time ago. One of my colleagues does not enjoy cooking/baking and asked me if I would make her Tarte Tatin in exchange for her purchasing my wine. It was a deal. I had a lovely, if somewhat a times slightly stressful afternoon making the courses. Coq au Vin, made well just takes time and requires you to cover various stages. It is not overly complicated but it can not be rushed. Tarte Tatin is pretty simple really, especially made the way of Julia's recipie. Sugar, apples, and melted butter are layered, with good short pastry (home made) placed on top.

The evening was lovely, the food delightful, the company fun and the wines quite magnificent at times and always pleasant. Everyone French and so many styles covered from Bordeaux to Cotes du Rhone to Saturne and Chablis. To finish of this part of the weekend, sitting in a French Moroccan cafe, drinking good coffee and eating Pane Chocolate seems very appropriate!

France won last night in more ways than one. All Blacks vs France final.... It's my pick!

Below, some of the bottles we drank and my Tarte Tatin