Election smecktion

Just a quick note to say I am bored with this Election already. I can't stand National and will never vote for them, but I can't find a credible alternative anywhere. Labour seems unable to capitalise on any gaffs made by Mr Slimy Smiley (John Key) and the Greens seem to have a steady but non game changing profile. Talks of Mr Key coming under pressure to get into bed with John Banks depress me. We all know those talks are ALWAYS happening and I rate high the chances National will scuttle their candidacy there, but the very thought of someone throwing the scum that is ACT a lifeline, makes me feel sick. I had the misfortune to get close to Rodney Hide last year and his demeanor was everything I expected. A more ego driven, political machine I have never met. With Rodney gone, ACT looks no better to me under Don Brash, who looks like a cross between Nosferatu and Mr Burns. He really does appear to be the undead with the way he simply can not be made to GO AWAY.

Manu and the Maori Party seem to me to be fractious and unable to present any sort of stable concept for New Zealand. Hone's behaviour of the past 3 years has been totally unfitting of someone who has been entrusted by New Zealanders to help run the country. The concept that now he is some sort of credible alternative to the Maori party seems laughable to me.

This morning I read more NZ'ers are leaving the country under Key than ever before, and yet I also read that National are headed to be able to govern alone. How do these two compute? If the only answer to avoiding National is to leave, then I am truly sad indeed.

I leave this post with one plea. Please everyone in NZ who can vote, think very very carefully about what you will do on Election Day. Your vote counts and you are guiding our future. I know what way I would like you to vote, but more importantly, cast your vote with your eyes open and with care for all the people of New Zealand.