A beautiful week

Well here we are on Thursday morning. I have been awake since around 5.30am and I really like it that way.  I get such a kick out of enjoying the dawn and knowing I have a whole day ahead.  This week has felt wonderfully long and considering I am on annual leave, that is a great thing.  I can't believe it is only Thursday too.  Still another 4 whole days before I go back to work.  It is quite a stormy morning here in Auckland, I am loving the wind! Earlier in the week I bought an Apple TV and an Airport Extreme.  One of the first tasks was to get this set up and I am really enjoying it.  Our external hard drive is now on the network and accessible from any device.  Link this with the wonderful Apple TV's ability to display photos, play and rent movies and play music and life is good.  I am rediscovering so many photos from my collection as they display on the TV.

I got together last night with Al from the new band I am joining.  It was a good night, if a little intimidating.  Al is a seriously good guitarist and obviously a musician.  It exposes my challenges with not having proper musical training.  Harmonies have never been my favourite and I am going to have to kick that in the ass with these guys.  I need to master some harmonies and get some basic instrumentation sorted.  I have a harmonium at home right now!!!!  I am quite excited by all this, whilst constantly fighting the fear that I will not be good enough.

Breakfast this morning will be at The Fridge.  We have not been there for a while, so it will be good to try it out again.  I believe they have redecorated :-)

Ok that will do for now.  I am happy.  I have a new home, more annual leave to come, musical possibilities and an awareness of how special it is to be alive :-)