Peace, love and understanding

So it is Sunday morning again, and I am in my usual spot at Voila taping away on my laptop as I enjoy my early morning coffee and ponder what to order for Breakfast. This has quickly become my Sunday staple and I like it that way. You may have read my review at Unscrewed, and that in many ways explains why. This has been an interesting week, with moving into the new house, and then spending the week settling in, enjoying the space, having the master bedroom repainted and generally spending too much money. I love it though and am so happy we made the decision to buy the place :-) It is calming and such a livable space!

Tuesday I am off to Brisbane for the rest of the week to attend a conference. It will be odd to be away again, but nice to catch up with my AIUG colleagues over there again. It has been 4 years since I have been to Brisbane, so it will be interesting to go back.

So, why this blog title? Well I am feeling very peaceful at the moment, and I think in many ways it is because I have finally after such a long time, had time to decompress and relax. For over two months, the stress and displacement of selling a house, being between houses and effectively camping in a bedroom, being away, living with another person and then moving in, took its toll. I have a calmness about me this morning which is nice :-)

Love? Well because without it we are doomed as a race, doomed as a species and doomed as a planet. You can see the pain in the world right now as people finally are starting to say they have had enough of the way the world has been run and the apparent bounce back of the old order after the global collapse. I think people thought there would be real change after the collapse and when it became apparent the same old guard were positioning themselves to get back in control, something has given. The occupy protests, may achieve little in the end, but at least they are a symbol that people still have it in them to say NO and make their feelings heard.

Understanding? Well if I have learnt anything over the past weeks, it is to remind myself daily that everyone, has their place and a reason for who they are and how they are as you encounter them. They may be a frustration at that moment, and you may need to just get it done and go past them, but rather than engage in "the battle" take a breath, recognise that they are who and what they are for a myriad of reasons, and do not invest the emotional battle. It frequently is not worth your energy and will achieve little. Step back, appreciate them and then work out what you need to do to achieve what you need.

Go well, happy Sunday!