This is not a blog about the election

The predictable blog this morning would be about the election outcome. To say it was exactly what we all thought would happen in general, with maybe the surprise about the lilly livered voters of Epsom who elected John Banks back into Parliament as the sole MP for ACT. To then go on to crow about the fact that ACT have been decimated to a party of one MP and that I look forward to the leaving of Don Brash from the political stage. It might then go on to celebrate the once again powerful support the nation has given to Greens, even if they once again find themselves on the outer with regards to the general flavour of the government. Has anyone noticed that while ACT and New Zealand First have fluctuated wildly in the polls over the years, Greens have dropped or picked up a few MP's but generally stayed solid? Lastly, were this post about the election, it would go on to talk about how I hope the Labour party sort their "shit" out and build a solid, credible leadership. Phil Goff might be a nice guy and an experienced politician, but he is not the man to lead Labour into power. Labour have some serious soul searching to do. Who is their John Key? Who can emerge from a party that looks unable to sort itself out and build a credible and cohesive government. However, this is not an election blog, so I won't go on about that.... Instead I will talk about the fact that we had a great housewarming last night, with many fine family and friends dropping by over 10 hours. Lots of fun, meeting new neighbours and seeing some people who we had not seen for a long while. People were positive about the new house in general, which is always nice. I know that people are hardly likely to tell you that they hate it, but you can sort of tell when people are being genuine :-) I roasted a lamb leg and a chicken on the BBQ which both turned out well. The lamb in particular was pretty sensational, even though I only got two small bites. I think the secret was the heat of the BBQ searing the meat and sealing it.

My exciting news of the week is the arrival of my iPhone 4S on Friday. I thought I still had a week to wait. It is lovely and I do like the quality of the screen. The camera does not seem too bad so far (my friend Jayson was not so convinced so I am trialling it a bit) Siri is interesting, and I can see will need to build a relationship with her to get the most out of it. I say a relationship, but in reality I have already asked her to marry me, but she turned me down.

Onwards and upwards. I am so happy I did not blog about the election.