Pressure pushing down on me....

So, I went to the doctor this week to have something looked at, which turned out to be fine. While I was there I decided to get my bloody pressure checked. It had only been 4 months since my last check and it was looking good, so I was feeling relaxed. Hmmm relaxed no more, when the reading came back as 150/80. The nurse looked concerned and sent a message to the doctor via the computer system (this new fangled technology) and the answer came back quickly, check in 1 month. So now I am on notice and if I don't manage to get it down, I will be on some form of medication before long. To give some context here, both my parent's died of heart disease and my mother had high blood pressure the entire time I knew her. My father also had diabetes, so I know if anything is going to kill me early, it is going to be my heart. I have been very successful over the past years in controlling my vital stats and indeed have managed to get a good drop in my cholesterol, blood sugars and blood pressure over the past 6 years. In fact, my BP was 150/80 6 years ago and I sorted it out. Of course, 6 years ago I was 34 and I am now about to turn 41, so I am not as young as I once was.

There is nothing like a doctors visit to spur you into action. Link that with my knowledge of my father's final years, where his heart, over weightness and diabetes meant that he was very restricted in what he could do, and I have plenty of incentive to turn this around again. So, I guess it is time to do a few things.

a) I need to start running again. I was running 3.5 kms 3-4 times a week until 2 months ago b) I need to start eating a bit better. With the move and purchase of the new house, I have been slack at cooking and a few too many takeaways have crept into my diet c) I need to drink a little less coffee, I am sure. My consumption has crept up a little of late. I know this is not great.

So there you have it, 41 and it is time to take stock once again of my lifestyle and what I do to my body, so I can ensure that I can enjoy life for a very long time to come and not just cave into my genetic destiny. On the bright side, my sugar consumption is much lower than it once was. A year ago I had just cut down from 2 tsp in everything, to nothing in coffee and 1/2 in tea. So I am already ahead of where I would have been, had I done nothing.

I work well on challenges, so I am seeing some sort of health challenge for 2012. Anyone keen to join me?