The new project?

So with coming to an end this week, my mind has now turned to my project/s for 2012. I have been surprised and delighted with how well 52Laughs has gone and from what I have learnt from it. I started the year with no real idea of what it would take to complete the project or what it might be like. I knew I wanted to post 52 photos over the year and was keen to stretch myself slightly, but that really was it. The year was quite a busy one for me, having started in a new role as part of the new Auckland Council and also, selling our house, buying a new one and staying with my sister-in-law in between. I had not anticipated how much of a drain on my time and energy these things would have and for a while I fell away on the project and got behind. Yet, there was some fantastic opportunities for me too and I surprised myself along the way. A trip to the U.S. in April meant I took two photos of complete strangers, including one of a woman I started talking to in Chinatown in San Francisco. I did not know if I had the gumption to do this, but apparently I do. The opportunity to spend some time with people from around the word, also gave me a wonderful opportunity to add some colour to my project, both in terms of skin and personality. The project has become in many ways a recording of my year and the rich tapestry of life I have met along the way and those who I hold dear and are around me on a daily basis.

And so to thoughts of what next? I have not settled on any firm plans, but I do have one idea which has been simmering in my mind for a few months now. It is not a one year project, in fact I do not know how many years it might take. It is the concept of putting together a website and book of every age from 0-100. I have a new person coming into my life in January and they would be the prime candidate for the first shot.

Other ideas include, pictures of amateur cooks and the food they like to make, a podcast show of cafe reviews, and an album of co-created original musical material. I need at least a photography project as I love the medium and it brings me great joy. If anyone has other ideas on the photography front, please leave a comment.

I am finishing off the book for 52laughs this week and posting the final photo, so if you haven't already, please take the time to look at and look out for the link to the book which will be coming next week. It will be available as an e-book and in print.