A short one

A short blog this week. I am feeling pretty happy this morning as I sit here at Voila as part of my weekly ritual. It has been a busy week with Kat and I pulling out the hedge/fence at the front of our property. A doctors visit (watch that blood pressure Mr Haines). A colleague to dinner, Fire Engine bed assembly and various social media exchanges. I visited a new cafe yesterday (Cosset), which is on New North Road. It is a nice place. Definitely alternative in feel. I like it. Last but not least, let's not forget the beard shaping exercise. I am pretty happy with how it sits, I will leave it like this for a week or so. I should by rights be feeling slightly depressed that my week of leave has come to an end, but I am feeling strangely upbeat. What is that all about? I think I have a sense of optimism on the work front that several key pieces of work will now move forward, so that is great!

Voila! And now we are done!