Animal Farm

Well I have just finished reading Animal Farm.  This is my second Orwell book in relatively quick succession (for me), as I read Down and Out in London and Paris, back in April.  I enjoy Orwell's writing.  He was certainly not a highbrow writer and his combination of wit and political satire is very interesting.  I will admit, I enjoyed the shortness of Animal Farm too.  I am bad at reading long novels. Animal Farm made me smile from almost the very first chapter, you could see exactly what was going on and the parallels he was drawing with the rise of Communism in Russia and elsewhere.  Putting oneself in the time period that he wrote the book makes it even more appealing, especially when you realize his views and criticism of the regime on the Soviet Union actually led to an apparent attempt on his life while in Spain.

I am pleased I took the time to purchase this book and read it.  I can cross one of the great classics off my list.