Ola!  Here we are at almost a week and in all honesty, with a public holiday on Monday and a pretty busy day yesterday it feels like 5 minutes.  The long weekend was a pretty nice way to begin a month off, what with having Ness around and also just plenty of time to be.

Murphy seems to be enjoying having company around, and I guess if for no other reason than I have the heater on.  He's a little fella and he does feel the cold.  We've got him into jumpers and  against all odds he actually likes them.   However, he is tough on them too and at two weeks old his red and black jumper looks like an old mans fishing jersey.  I am also realising he must spend most of his days barking at people who walk by.  His pet hates appear to be, hats, big coats and umbrellas.  If someone dares to walk past wearing a hat and a coat with an umbrella up, all hell breaks loose.



Butter would not melt

AM too

Well here we are.  Day 1 of the new frontier, or as I like to call it, R1.  I spent the first half of the day out and about and have spent the second half at home, in the warm but more on that in a minute.

It's been an odd week, I think it's fair to call it odd.  You don't often spend the week pretty much marking time for the end of the week because there is little left to do and knowing that at the end of the day, you down tools, walk out and don't look back.  NEVER LOOK BACK.  I'm joking of course, you gotta look back, because it's only by looking back, that you can make sense of what has gone before and walk forward knowing where you don't want to go.  The trick is not to spend too much time looking back (far too easy to trip) and well frankly there is no point living in the past.

I've got a strange blend of Tom Waits and Lily Allen playing in my head (work that one out).  It feels like a fitting theme music for where I am and at.  Tom Waits is kinda perfect for reflection, for art and for generally sipping the nectar of life (esp if it tastes like Whisky).  Lily, well because she is just about to drop a new album, but also I just find her music so infectious and it suits my jaunt right now.

I decided to greet the day by going for a run just after 7am.  This turned out to be a very good idea because the weather packed in mid morning and it has been raining since.  I did my favourite hill run which takes me up above Berhampore/Newtown and Lyall Bay.  It's a gut buster getting up there but once you're up its a glorious run.  This felt a perfect way to say hello to this part of my life.  I've run off and on for years, but since December it has really taken on a new meaning in my life for a few reasons.  The process of preparing to run Round the Bays in Wellington and then Auckland really kicked me into another gear.  Discovering the wonderful Wellington running community online was another huge boost.  My partner Vanessa has been there at every finish of a running event I have taken part in (a few starts too) and she is gold.   I really could not ask for a more supportive partner for this crazy loner activity.  Finally, my good mate, band mate and fellow runner Chris made a huge difference in terms of motivation but also humour and just good blokeness.  Cheers Bonehead ;-)

I topped off the morning with a beard trim, breakfast at Ti Kouka and by buying some road/trail running shoes.   They kit me out nicely for a trail run I am doing with a new running friend next week and the Xterra Red Rocks event the following weekend.   It also aligns with part of my plan for the next month which is to run A LOT and enjoy being out in the world.

The home part of the bay suited for many reasons.  I've got a sick dog right now and it's good to spend some time with him.  Also, as I mentioned the weather did pack in, so it's been nice to be at home with the heat pump on.  Because I am me, I made a fruit cake/loaf which is currently sitting in the kitchen taunting me.  As always, I prepped for tomorrows bread as well.  And... I have a plan for a new jam/relish.... but more on that later.


Greeting the Day

I'm alive

Let's run a few hills to prove it


What is AM?  I guess that is really the question I am trying to answer.  My AM is different from your AM, is different from any AM that has gone before and will be again.  My AM is even different from what it once was.  This I do know for sure.  Am I a pre-programmed AM?  I don't think so,  but I am an evolving AM and i'm taking advantage of an opportunity to reflect, create and be, to think about my AM.  To make sure that my future reflects who I AM.

So what is this all about?  Next week the current incarnation of my career ends and I am taking the luxury of some time out to get the next part of my career right.  What I know is it is different from the now and different from the past few years.  Am I excited?  Yes.  Am I nervous?  Yes.  Am I open to opportunities?  Yes!  Especially the crazy ones which are not like anything I have done before or use my skills in different ways.

Why am I writing this?  Well why not?  I have not done enough writing lately and writing does allow me to process.

 Come on future, hurry up!