Ola!  Here we are at almost a week and in all honesty, with a public holiday on Monday and a pretty busy day yesterday it feels like 5 minutes.  The long weekend was a pretty nice way to begin a month off, what with having Ness around and also just plenty of time to be.

Murphy seems to be enjoying having company around, and I guess if for no other reason than I have the heater on.  He's a little fella and he does feel the cold.  We've got him into jumpers and  against all odds he actually likes them.   However, he is tough on them too and at two weeks old his red and black jumper looks like an old mans fishing jersey.  I am also realising he must spend most of his days barking at people who walk by.  His pet hates appear to be, hats, big coats and umbrellas.  If someone dares to walk past wearing a hat and a coat with an umbrella up, all hell breaks loose.



Butter would not melt